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Cornette de St-Cyr, an auction house, announced that over 100 timepieces in the personal collection of Alain Delon from his 50-year-old movie career reached a price of $590,300. The auction in Paris was a huge success thanks to Chinese bidders who bought a number rare watches by phone.

The legendary actor did not attend the auction for his collection of high-end watches, including Omega Replica Watches, Vacheron, Cartier Rolex, Blancpain and Breitling.Omega Replica Watches It didn't stop his watch collectors and fans from making some shocking bids.

Omega Replica Watches's "Royal Oak", and a Cartier Tank sold for 68,750 Euros each. Delon wore the AP watch in "Comme un Boomerang" (1976), Parole de flic (1985), and "Ne Reveillez Pas Un Flic Who Dort" (1988). The estimated price was 2,500 euros. Cartier's watch started at a lower price, 1,800 euros. Delon's watches were displayed in Hong Kong before the Paris sale, and the Chinese interest in them is due to the fact that Delon, a 76-year-old movie star, is very popular in the city.

Cartier, Omega Replica Watches, and Piaget

Delon was not the first to sell his collection at auction.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches This actor, who had been hospitalized for heart issues earlier this week, explained that he disliked posthumous auctions and was motivated to sell his personal estates. Delon's wine collection was sold for 250,412 Euros in November.